The Dirt

Women’s MTB clinic with Jen Braddock at Campbellton Creek Nature Park – Sunday March 19th, 10-2

Join PMBIA Certified Mountain Bike Instructor Jen Braddock for a one day (LADIES ONLY) Beginner Mountain Bike Skills Clinic at Campbellton Creek Nature Park on Sunday March 19th, 10-2.

Do you find yourself riding around roots and rocks on the trail? Are you struggling to get up that hill? Maybe you avoid a particular trail because it’s just “too hard?” While you may not ride away at the end of the day doing bunnyhops and tail whips, this clinic will provide you with the strength and confidence to make your rides more fun and memorable. This LADIES ONLY clinic led by certified instructor Jennifer Braddock, we will break down the fundamental skills needed to keep your wheels on the ground, momentum stout, and stoke level high. “I had been riding for years and didn’t realize I had such terrible technique – I was able to quickly turn around my bad habits, and it improved my riding drastically.” So whether you just purchased your first mountain bike or have been hitting the dirt for a few years, we will share some tips and knowledge in a chill, no pressure environment so that you feel safe and in control next time you take it to the trails!

Things we will cover, but not limited to, include:

Stability, and how to climb and descend

How we move our bodies and adjust to terrain

Cadence and Shifting

Braking techniques

Picking lines

We will also go over some basic maneuvers that will aid in technical spots. Space is limited, so let’s get rolling!


A career as a camera technician in film and television brought Jennifer to Atlanta in December of 2014. She made her first trip to Mulberry Gap the following summer and immediately fell in love. Because her job is both physically and mentally demanding, she has found cycling to be a great form of therapy. When she’s on her bike she is in her “happy place,” especially when she is in Ellijay, which she considers her home away from home. Jen has been riding bikes for about 15 years and she rides pretty much every discipline; you’ll find her on the road, the pump track, on gravel, single track, or at the bike park…what she loves about being on a bike is the freedom to explore and get rad. Bikes are her addiction and she prefers to keep it fun – she really loves to slow down to take in the scenery. Jennifer is a guide at Mulberry Gap and you’ll find her there often with her trail mutt Scottie. She serves on the MTB Atlanta (SORBA) Executive Board and loves doing trail maintenance. Jen is PMBI Level 1 certified and is an Instructor for Cartecay Bike Shop and works with the Cartecay Youth Development team.

“I had been riding for years and didn’t realize I had such bad technique – it was quick to turn around my bad habits, and it improved my riding drastically. I hope I can share what I’ve learned with you in a fun, no pressure environment!”

Cost is $100 for MTB Atlanta members and $125 for non MTB Atlanta members.

Registration is live at