The Dirt

The King and Queen of Allatoona have been crowned for 2023 and Voodoo Race Results

After much anticipation, we are excited to announce the new King & Queen of Allatoona Creek Park. The field was stacked with previous winners and the course was more demanding than ever, but in the end Ezra Lusk and Tina Morris battled hard and came out at the front of the pack to take home the most coveted prize in racing, the legendary custom crowns from Ed Baltes.

For some it’s a race, for others it’s a trail party, but there’s no doubt that everybody had a blast at The Voodoo Race AKA The All-A-Toona & Half-A-Toonaon Saturday. HUGE thanks goes out to our sponsors Cobb County Parks, Free-Flite Bicycles, and Martha’s Outpost. Between their support and our awesome volunteers’ hard work, we raised over $6k for these trails. It’s always amazing to see how many families come out when it’s time support our trails and we are sooooo stoked to be a part of this awesome community. Click the link for the recap at and shout out to Graham Media for the pro pics.

If you missed out on all the fun this year, mark your calendar for June 22, 2024 for next year’s event, it’s gonna be amazing!