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The ATL Gateway Trails.
Imagine flying into the world’s busiest airport and within minutes hiking, jogging or biking your way on trails surrounded by old growth oak, large rock formations and small streams, all without ever getting in a car. That’s the vision of MTB Atlanta’s Ride and Fly MTB Experience. Now imagine those same trails interconnected within two miles of nineteen different area schools and three bustling downtowns. Are you now starting to get a pretty fantastic picture in your head? We know we are.

The Ride and Fly MTB Experience (RFME) is the brainchild of MTB Atlanta. The RFME could become one of the most extensive Urban MTB Trail System in the country and serve as a blueprint for a network of similar trail systems throughout the entire Metro Atlanta region. Utilizing the natural rugged and woody terrain of the Piedmont region the RFME trails will use local city and county pocket parks that have been too hilly to be used for traditional park amenities, to create a network of interconnecting low impact, highly sustainable trails. Each pocket park, an oasis from the hustle and bustle of the rapidly growing ITP (“Inside the Perimeter for all you outsiders) was selected for the initial phase will include approximately 4 miles of trails – each – varying in difficulty, and each containing a pump track and skills area. No matter which trailhead you start from, the local community will be provided with all the resources for the young and inexperienced, all the way up to the most advanced rider. The Ride and Fly MTB Experience will become a destination facility, attracting people from all over Metro Atlanta, while also attracting business and ecotourism to the area.

Multi-use trail: Hikers, trail runners, mountain bikes.

Open everyday from sunrise to sunset

3224 Dodson Drive Connector, East Point, GA 30344

Sykes Park on