The Dirt

Sope Creek Machine Work

Phase Two of the Sope Creek Machine Maintenance Project begins Monday,  January 25th. This project will last for 2 weeks and the work will be concentrated on the Upper Loop (Sope Creek Side) and the bi-directional trail at Fox Creek in the middle of the figure 8 loop. We will also be moving 10 tons of rock to various armoring projects on the trail system.

Please be mindful of the machine workers, Park staff and volunteers who are out working on the trails when you ride. There will be signs to indicate where we are working. If you pass, make sure the workers see you, especially the machine operator. Safety is our number one priority.

This project will end on Friday, February 5th, with a 100 volunteers doing armoring and finishing work by a group called Tourism Cares in partnership with the CNRA and IMBA Sorba Atlanta.