The Dirt

New “River Bluff Trail” Construction Underway at Moore’s Bridge Park

Phase Two construction is underway at Moore’s Bridge Park in Carroll County. 

(Whitesburg, Georgia, January 14, 2021)

Following the completion of the 2.25 mile Black Dirt Bluff Trail in Spring of 2020, MTB Atlanta and MTB Atlanta Pro Trails, is currently building Phase Two of what will be a 10-12 mile trail system at Moore’s Bridge Park, the 3.5-4 mile “River Bluff Trail.”

The River Bluff trail project is a combined effort between Carroll County Parks, The Trust for Public Land Georgia, the Georgia Audubon Society and MTB Atlanta funded by a grant from the Alice Huffard Richards Foundation, Carroll County EMC and donations to the MTB Atlanta Trail Fund.

A new trail will be constructed by MTB Atlanta Pro Trails and volunteers from the existing picnic area on the eastern side of the park to a point on the river at the mouth of the unnamed creek that separates the developed area of the park and the undeveloped area of the park that includes the wetlands, homestead, field and historic bridge site.

The Georgia Audubon Society will lead efforts to improve the biodiversity along the trail corridor with the goal of attracting and providing food and shelter for native birds and other wildlife. This goal will be accomplished by removing invasive species, planting native species, and adding bird boxes where appropriate.

A volunteer day was hosted by the Trust for Public Land, the Georgia Audubon Society and MTB Atlanta to engage volunteers with the project and the park and to promote stewardship of Moore’s Bridge. Two subsequent Build Parties followed and volunteers have completed finishing work on almost three quarter mile of trail behind the MTB Atlanta Pro Trails Crew.

MTB Atlanta Pro Trails should be done with construction by March.

Look for future volunteer opportunities at the Events tab here on and all our social channels and if you want to contribute to this build financially with a tax deductible contribution donate here today: