Trail Info

11 miles of trails offering spectacular views of West Point Lake, West Point Dam and an array of beautiful nature. Multiple areas along the easier Lakeside Trail offer resting/viewing areas and are popular with hikers. Rugged singletrack awaits the experienced rider once the lake is left behind.

The lake is a warmly welcomed feature after a ride in the Georgia summer. Adult beverages are allowed throughout the park, so the post ride social riders have nothing to fear. BYOB.

Need to Know
Riders hold the right of way card on this trail system and hikers need to step aside to allow riders to pass. All trails within this system are bidirectional, so keep your head up. Though traffic tends to be light, one never knows when another rider may be coming the other way.


Multi-use trail: Hikers, trail runners, mountain bikes.

Open everyday from sunrise to sunset

Resource Management Rd, West Point, GA 31833

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