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Fightingtown Creek Trail Project gearing up in Blue Ridge

Trail planning at the 190 acre Fightingtown Creek Nature Park in Blue Ridge, Ga has begun.

We are kicking off our fourth project with the Southeastern trust for Parks and Land at the new Fightingtown Creek Nature Park in the beautiful N GA mountains. 

This new trail project will be executed by a partnership between the Southeastern Trust For Parks and Land , the Georgia Cycling Association, lead trail builder Ken Nix, MTB Atlanta, MTB Atlanta Pro Trails, and the North Georgia Mountain Bike Association.

MTB Atlanta Pro Trails will be assisting the Trust and trail builder Ken Nix with the trail design and construction. 

Left to right in the group photo:  TJ Kearns MTB Atlanta Pro Trails,  Brett Davidson Executive Director MTB Atlanta and MTB Atlanta Pro Trails , Bill Jones, Executive Director Southeastern Trust for Parks and Land, Ken Nix, and Kenny Griffin Executive Director of the Georgia Cycling Association.

Interested in helping Fightingtown?? Click the link here for details and to donate to the new build if you’d like to support new trail construction in the N GA mountains : .