Trail Info

Cochran Mill Park is an 800 acre park in the City of Chattahoochee Hills. There are about 18 miles of multi-use trails available for mountain biking. These trails are open to Equestrians and multiple users. Use IMBA’s “Rules of the Trail” and yield to all pedestrians and horses when riding. The trails also close to bikes 24 hours or longer after a rain and will also close in Freeze/Thaw conditions. Check the Trail Status on this page, our Twitter feed, and our Facebook Page before you drive to the park to ride.

The trails themselves are mostly machine built, but they have the feeling of what we call “Old School Single Track.” Cochran Mill offers challenge and scenery that make the ride a journey and are in contrast to the “new school” looped Flow trails that often feel like lap riding on a track. You’ll get your flow, but you will have to earn it at Cochran Mill. The trails were designed to be tight and twisty in order to control the speed of multiple users and to make sight lines and speed levels that accommodate bikes and horses.

We host a work party once a month at Cochran Mill Park on the second Saturday of each month at 9 am. Give back to the trails you ride and volunteer, the City depends on us to maintain the trails. If you cannot volunteer, then join and donate, all the money you give to MTB Atlanta goes back to the trails you ride.

Multi-use trail: Hikers, trail runners, mountain bikes.

Open everyday from sunrise to sunset

6875 Cochran Mill Rd, Chattahoochee Hills, GA 30268

Cochran Mill Park on