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SORBA Atlanta Board Elections

Per our By laws, IMBA SORBA Atlanta conducts elections every two years.

Here are the nominees for Board Positions serving January 2017 to December 31st, 2018:

President: Brett Davidson

Brett Davidson has served as President since the Chapter’s reorganization in 2012. At that time the Chapter was completely without a Board and needed a new vision. From the first year, with a skeleton Board of four members, Brett has led IMBA SORBA Atlanta to consistently log between 2000-4000 volunteer hours per year building and maintaining trails in Metro Atlanta by implementing partnerships with land managers of the Chattahoochee National Recreation Area, Georgia State Parks, Rockdale County Parks and Recreation, the City of Atlanta and the City of Chattahoochee Hills.

Brett cut the ribbon on the ambitious Sope Creek/Cochran Shoals trail redevelopment at the Chattahoochee National Recreation Area in 2013 and has worked to build a strong relationship with the National Park Service to design and build the Sope Creek Reroute, implement professional trail maintenance assessments and to pilot the first machine maintenance project at Sope Creek in 2015/16. Under his leadership, IMBA SORBA Atlanta has worked with City of Atlanta Parks and Recreation and Park Pride to build the first mountain bike trail inside the Perimeter on City of Atlanta Park land, a giant feat in the context of the City’s recently adopted tree ordinance and the culmination of over 10 years of advocacy work by the Chapter. During his terms, the Chapter has developed two Master trail plans for Southside Park in the City of Atlanta and for South Rockdale Community Park in Rockdale County with IMBA Trail Solutions. Brett has written and received grants to successfully fund major trail projects such as the Sope Creek Reroute and the Evergreen Beginner Trail at Southside Park. During his tenure as President, the Chapter also aided with trail construction at Cochran Mill Park, one of  Metro Atlanta’s most exciting new trail projects, by providing design assistance, labor, and facilitating a Chapter sponsored Machine Construction Class that was free for Park volunteers. In 2016 the Chapter signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the City of Chattahoochee Hills to support the trail work at Cochran Mill Park.

Brett is passionate about Trails Education and under his leadership the Chapter began a partnership with the National Park Service and Trails Education instructor Walt Bready to teach two Trail Schools a year that are free to Chapter Members but open to any member of IMBA SORBA and the Southeastern trail community. Many attendees have become leaders in the local trail community.

In his next term, Brett plans to start a new campaign, the Atlanta Bike Park Initiative,  a mission to build a Nationally recognized Public Bike Park and Cyclocross Venue in the City of Atlanta accessible by the Beltline. The Atlanta Bike Park Initiative will identify a location for the Park and engage with partners and sponsors to fund the plans and construction of the facility. Also, the Atlanta Bike Park Initiative will seek to develop flow trails, pump tracks and skills areas in smaller pocket parks throughout the City that are accessible by bike.

Brett will also continue his work on the further expansion of trail systems at Cochran Mill Park and Southside Park, break ground on trail construction at South Rockdale Community Park, develop a master trail plan for Chattahoochee Bend State Park, pursue opportunities for trail development in the cities of East Point, College Park and Hapeville, and continue to maintain Sope Creek, one of the busiest trail systems in the Southeast.

When he is not working on local trails, Brett’s passion is bikepacking and developing new bikepacking routes. His largest goal and work is routing and scouting the Eastern Divide Project, which will be the Nation’s longest Bikepacking Route, a 4,400 mile mixed surface route from Newfoundland to Key West.

Vice President, Atlanta: Tom Tomaka

Tom is passionate about opening up new places to ride inside the Perimeter such as Southside Park. He’s skilled at trail crew leading, relationships with public land managers, and fundraising. Residing in the City of Atlanta since 1990, Tom is a former President of SORBA Atlanta and a former board member of the Atlanta Bicycle Coalition. After working in the corporate world for over 25 years Tom has lately been wrenching at REI Atlanta.

Vice President, South Metro: Pete Edmondson

Trail builder, bike racer and general bike advocate. Pete has volunteered 400 plus hours at Cochran Mill Park and 40+ hours at Chattahoochee Bend State Park. Many weekends you can find him cutting new trail at Cochran Mill or riding his bike at the park or on the Dirty Sheets Gravel loop. Pete also leads the winter Tuesday night gravel rides and most volunteer workdays at Cochran Mill. Pete is a key member of the volunteer group that won the 2016 “Coalition for Recreational Trails Annual Achievement Award for outstanding use of Recreational Trails Program funds in the Maintenance and Rehabilitation category” for his work at Cochran Mill Park.

Vice President, East Metro: Keith Worsham

Keith is an avid mountain biker and bike advocate serving Rockdale and Henry counties. Keith has been the champion of trail development at South Rockdale Community Park on the Arabia Mountain cycling Path in the Arabia Mountain National Heritage Area. Through his leadership the Chapter has developed a Master Trail plan for the Park with IMBA Trail Solutions and has applied with Rockdale County Parks and Recreation for a Recreational Trails Program Grant to fund the construction of Phase one of the project, a beginner and intermediate trail at the Park. When he is not riding his bike or working on trails, Keith is practicing yoga with his wife Lara at her studio in McDonough.

Treasurer: Jeff Hunt

Jeff is the Coach of  the Sope Creek Composite Team, a Georgia Interscholastic Cycling League for High School Mountain Biking. Here is his Bio from their website:

“I’ve been mountain biking since I was in high school (which was too long ago now). I love getting out in the woods and experiencing the flow of the trail.

Once I had kids of my own I worked hard to develop a love of mountain biking in them as well. I am very excited about this new mountain bike league for high school and middle school students.

I have also volunteered in several capacities with the Boy Scouts of America over the last 8 years and love working with the kids and helping them grow.

In addition I am a passionate about our trails and working to keep them fit for all users. I have volunteered with IMBA/Sorba and am currently the Treasurer for the Atlanta chapter.

I recently completed the training for coaching in the Georgia High School Cycling League and I’m very excited about bringing this team together!”

Jeff has been on the SORBA Atlanta Board since the reorganization in 2012 and is a powerful advocate for our sport in Metro Atlanta.

Events Director: Sandy Saffold

Sandy is a long time bike rider and trail advocate. She enjoys meeting members and getting everyone involved. When she is not in the trails, you can find her volunteering at a local animal shelter. Sandy is also a member of the Sorella Cycling Club. Sandy is up to serve for a second term as Events Director.

Membership Director: Robby Bennett

Robert (Robby) Bennett, an Atlanta native, has enjoyed the natural wonders of our state since a young age. His outdoor passions have included camping, road cycling, triathlon, and mountain biking. As a high school physics and biology teacher, he has a unique perspective on both our enjoyment of, and impact on, the natural world. He also has the wonderful opportunity to influence our next generation towards stewardship, not just consumption, of our planet.

As a SORBA board member, Robby will work to protect and expand access to high quality mountain biking opportunities within the city and region. As a resident of the airport district, Robby looks forward to expanding mountain biking options on the south side, including his favorite trails at Cochran Mill Park in Chattahoochee Hills and the new trails at Southside Park.

Vice President South Metro, Coweta/Fayette: Chris Doane

The Boring Stuff

Lives In: Newnan, Georgia Occupation: Business Owner; Marketing Consultant

The Good Stuff

  • Riding Mountain Bikes since 1987
  • First Mountain Bike: 1987 Ross Mt Washington
  • Miles Ridden in 2016: 1900+
  • USA Cycling(NORBA) Member: 1990
  • Atlanta SORBA Fat Tire Friend Member


  • Friends of Chattahoochee Bend State Park Board of Directors Newnan, Georgia
  • Southside Cycling Club Board of Directors Peachtree City, Georgia

Local Project Involvement

  • Cochran Mill Park MTB Trail Development Palmetto, Georgia
    Chattahoochee Bend State Park MTB Trail Development Newnan, Georgia
    Newnan Greenway Project – Coweta Area Trail Newnan, Georgia
  • My primary interest in serving the cycling community of South Atlanta is to promote cycling advocacy efforts for both mountain bikers and road cyclists.

My advocacy includes…

  • Volunteering for trail work days at mountain biking venues in Fulton, Fayette and Coweta Counties
  • Corporate sponsorship and fundraising on behalf of Mountain Bike Trail Fund at Chattahocchee Bend State Park
  • In kind service donor and consultant on branding efforts of the City of Newnan Greenway Project

Vice President, Tri Cities: Wayne Whitesides

I have always been a cycling nut. I got my first road bike in 1982 at age 12 and the following summer I road my first back to back century ride by myself to Dubuque, Iowa; regardless that my mother wasn’t too keen on the idea of a 200-mile overnight ride. Why? Because why not? In 1989, along with the help of a few friends, we built the first series of mountain bike trails in Southern Illinois University Edwardsville… because? – Why not? It needed to be done. In 1996, after moving to Atlanta and hearing that there was a velodrome not really being used, I along with some friends took over the Dick Lane Velodrome; why, because someone needed to do it. Why not me? Soon after I became the President of the club that ran the velodrome. Later on, I taught beginner classes, became a USCF cycling official, a certified coach, became the track manager and eventually the track promoter. Why? – because someone needed to do it. During that time, I won six state track championship titles, three elite national championship medals, and four masters national championship medals on the track. I started my own advertising agency, called Ethic and ever since my company, Ethic, has sponsored the velodrome. In 2007, I became the president of the East Point Track Club, which Ethic has also sponsored ever since. Why? Because cycling is that ingrained in my daily life and because someone had to do it. Just this year I helped develop the East Point PATH Master Plan and am working with them to help start a not for profit organization to help raise funds to build the paved trails. I am also currently working with the City of East Point and SORBA to develop a series of trails in the Tri-Cities Area.

My cycling bio is diverse, and while I have dedicated over 20 years of my life to track cycling and the velodrome, I have always loved riding the dirt trails since my first Trek 800 back in ’88. Mountain Biking took a back seat for many years and I have told you my road/track back story to show that when I turn my attention to something, I jump in with both feet. In the last year, I have already started helping build and maintain trails at Cochran Mill and just attended a two-day, Trail Lead seminar. I am looking forward to the next 20 years of cycling adventures, both on the road and the now the dirt. I enjoy being in the thick of things and like to be a busy body. I’ll rest when I’m dead.

Over the years:
Founder and Partner Ethic Inc: 2003 –
President of the Fulton Flyers Cycling Club: 1999-2002
Track Manager for the East Point Velodrome Association: 2002 – 2005
Track Promoter for the East Point Velodrome Association: 2005 – 2008
President of the East Point Track Club: 2007 – 2015
Chairman of the LocalMotion Arts Festival: 2016 –
President of the Tri-Cities Arts Alliance, Inc: 2016 –

If you are an active member you may vote here until 12/31/16:

We would like to thank Colin McChesney for his service over the last two years as Membership Director on our Board and we will see him out on the trails.

Thanks for your participation and support!