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Action Alert !! Chattahoochee River NRA Survey and Social Pinpoint

Metro Atlanta Mountain Bikers, we need your input!

We’d like to announce an online Social Pinpoint interface designed to gather your input on the Trails at the Chattahoochee River National Recreation Area on several topics, as well as obtain your general comments and concerns.

We want to understand what you, as a park visitor, believe is important in your area, and what about the trail systems should be retained, added to, changed, or improved.

This outreach tool will help us:

• Gain an understanding of key issues from the local community that are important to consider for the long term sustainability of Trails administered by NPS
• Find out what community members like and don’t like about the CHAT Trail system
• Help us identify key locations for supporting features and any additional infrastructure needs
• Understand key community priorities that are important for this project

Click here to access the Social Pinpoint interface:

We’ve also launched an online survey to capture information about you, your use of the park and your desires for recreational activities within the Chattahoochee National Recreational Area.

Follow this link to take the survey: